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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Personal Agenda

What is your personal agenda? Do you know? Your personal agenda is hidden deep inside your personality. I believe your personal agenda is developed by a mix of your personality and experiences you had in the past. With most everything there is good and bad, the trick is to find the bad and fix it. You need to make sure that you are thinking objectively when taking action instead of blindly following your personal agenda. If you follow your personal agenda all the time, be ready to go through some rough times. Just remember to think objectively about your goals and do not get in your own way!

A lot of the time we are completely unaware that our personal agenda may be holding us back from personal achievement. It definitely sounds kind of odd that we would subconsciously restrict ourselves from completing goals or doing things we like. The truth is we limit our own ability more than anyone else does. You should rise above the aspects of your personal agenda that do not serve you in a positive manner. Sometimes I think everyone is trapped inside their own body, cut off from people they meet, too afraid to show their true colors. This is something that I myself, am guilty of as well. I think that everyone should take a hard look at their personal agenda and see what does not work for them.

Do not remain chained to idealistic silly beliefs about what is possible and what is not. Do not squander your God given talent because you are afraid. Step into the aspects of your personality that benefit you and inspire those you meet.

If you would like to read more about getting what you want out of life read this blog by Igor. Very helpful information.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Clarify yourself

Do you know how you truly feel about certain things going in your life? Do you know know if there are things going on in your life right now, that do not coincide with your values? Do you know if you are on the right path? Are you spending your time the way you want to? Life is so hectic, when was the last time you sat down and asked yourself some serious questions and answered honestly?Lots of times people just get off track. They lose sight of what their goals are because they get wrapped up in life. Which is so easy to do!

I recommend writing a question journal everyday. This journal is different, anytime you have a question, ask it. Try to ask questions that are challenging. Ask questions like: why I do not like my job, why do I feel bad physically, why I am upset, why I am not using all of my power as a person, why I am not using all the gifts I have been blessed with etc. Also, ask more specific questions like: why did I behave that way towards that person, or why did what that person said hurt my feelings. Whenever you ask a question, continue the line of questioning till you find out the real answer. Most importantly, answer honestly. I equate this to psycho-analyzing yourself. The best part about this is, you do not have to worry about what anyone thinks when you answer honestly!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Being present

There are so many things that we have to think about on a daily basis. Being present and in the moment can be difficult at times but we must do it. Thinking about the future or thinking about the past takes you away from the joy you can have in the present. The present is it's own universe just waiting for you to take advantage of it! How many times are you thinking about something else rather than seeing what is in front of you, right now? How many opportunities have you missed because you were not in the moment? Opportunities to: meet women or men, make new friends, make a business deal, create a new business contact etc. You have absolutely no control over the future or the past. Why not worry about something that you do have control over, the present.

Open your eyes to the present moment and see the beauty in it......Understand and see possibilities , see what you have been missing out on. If you are the type of person that lives in the future, STOP! I know thinking about the future can be very exciting but your performance suffers when you do. How affective can you be with your mind in the future and your body in the present?

If you are a glutton for punishment thinking about the past might be your guilty pleasure. Why subject yourself to mistakes you have already made? It just does not make any sense. Doing this affects your whole entire mood, your posture, your tone voice. Living in the moment is forgetting your mistakes and creating new possibilities.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Building a good reputation

Building a good reputation. It smart to think about doing this. Think about how you would like to be viewed by others. Think about your career and your dreams then fashion your reputation after that. You want people to remember you, most everybody deep down wants people to like them and say positive things about them. Build a reputation where people do not have a choice but to say good things about you.

Be unpredictable, never let people be able to tell what your next move is.....then people will become bored with you and forget you easily. Every once in a while be creative perform an action that is most definently out of the norm for you, just to keep people guessing. Do not do anything stupid, imoral or against the law. Just do something that grabs peoples attention and makes them say "wow, I have never seen him do anything like that before".

To set yourself apart, you could do a number of different things. Develop a certain way of dressing that seperates you apart from the crowd. It does not have to be anything major or weird. It just has to be something that sets you apart, something little, yet conspicuous. You could also have a little nervous tick that people remember and find endearing. Or perhaps, accentuating one aspect of your personality that you really like.

Once you have built a good reputation, guard it with your life. It is hard to build a solid reputation with people, once you have done so, there is no point in losing it. What kind of reputation do you have?

Friday, January 1, 2010

Talk to yourself nicely!

All of us have an inner voice, this voice talks to us all the time. It talks to us about many different subjects. Sometimes it is hard to tell what our inner voices are telling us and why. Sometimes the tone of the inner voice can be very harsh and critical. Everybody knows the saying "you are your worst critic". Why is this the case?. It seems to me to me that if we were able to be our own best motivator, we would be a lot more happy and get a lot more accomplished in life. Lots of people tell stories about how rough high school was because of the other kids and how they used to pick on each other. Well, the way your high school buddies treated you is nothing compared to the way you talk to yourself sometimes.

Next time your inner voice is criticizing you, ask it: why it is being so critical? what does it want of you? what does it want you to understand? please speak to me nicely? I know this may seem kind of silly but just try it. You might find out somethings that you would not have realized. Lots of times your inner voice is: trying to protect you, trying to make you a better person, trying to get you to work harder for your goals. It is important to have a healthy dialog with your voice and understand why it says certain things. So your life will become more congruent. What is your voice trying to tell you?

Monday, December 28, 2009

Belief in success

I think that believing in something is a very interesting concept. Beliefs make us who we are, they control pretty much every aspect of our lives. Numerous people have died because of their beliefs. Whatever we believe to be is true, as far as we are concerned, is true. Even though there maybe substantial evidence to refute us, we still believe it. Think about how strong of a tool that is if used properly. I remember thinking at times that I cannot do something. I also have thought, it will be impossible to get the results I want out of this situation. Are these not merely beliefs? Why must we as people continually think the worst is going to happen and believe it. Whatever we think about inevitably comes to pass, not by magic but because we are thinking about it.

In my opinion, there is such fine line between being really good at something versus not so good. This may sound really silly but you see people who are really good at something believe they are good at it. On the other hand people who are not so good at something believe they are not good at it. No matter how you slice it, belief is the main determing aspect of being good at something. It does not matter how much practice you put into being good or how many hours you have worked. You have to believe before first!

The point I am trying to make is, lots of times we are so hard on ourselves. We critique our performance and find ourselves lacking. Our thoughts become reality. In general, we have the skills and know how to accomplish anything we wanted or the ability to learn, if we just believed this were true.