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Friday, January 1, 2010

Talk to yourself nicely!

All of us have an inner voice, this voice talks to us all the time. It talks to us about many different subjects. Sometimes it is hard to tell what our inner voices are telling us and why. Sometimes the tone of the inner voice can be very harsh and critical. Everybody knows the saying "you are your worst critic". Why is this the case?. It seems to me to me that if we were able to be our own best motivator, we would be a lot more happy and get a lot more accomplished in life. Lots of people tell stories about how rough high school was because of the other kids and how they used to pick on each other. Well, the way your high school buddies treated you is nothing compared to the way you talk to yourself sometimes.

Next time your inner voice is criticizing you, ask it: why it is being so critical? what does it want of you? what does it want you to understand? please speak to me nicely? I know this may seem kind of silly but just try it. You might find out somethings that you would not have realized. Lots of times your inner voice is: trying to protect you, trying to make you a better person, trying to get you to work harder for your goals. It is important to have a healthy dialog with your voice and understand why it says certain things. So your life will become more congruent. What is your voice trying to tell you?

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