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Saturday, December 26, 2009


Discipline, how does one develop this sometimes elusive personality trait. Being disciplined is paramount is you wish to be one of the high achievers in your chosen profession. There are so many constant distractions now. First of all you need to find out what your motivations are: why do you want to be successful?, what will you do once you are successful?, how will others benefit from your achievement? Asking yourself these questions and figuring out the accurate answers will help you develop discipline. You have to know all the aspects and angles of why you are doing something before you can fully commit. Doing this will also help you understand if you are in the right field. Lots of times we think we want something, we try to commit and be disciplined but nothing works. Inevitably we end up banging our head against a wall. Making sure you are in the right profession can have a major impact on your ability to be disciplined.

I challenge you, just like I challenge myself, to take a really hard look at how you spend your time. I know in life it is important to have balance. Everyone for the most part, gets eight of hours work each day. Taking this into account we need to make sure that we are getting the most back for our time spent. What is the point in going to work, if you are just going to screw around all day and get nothing accomplished. I mean you at work, be disciplined and find something constructive to impress your bosses and move up. Discipline is the engine that makes success go and success goes fast.

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