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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Network marketing

First of all, before you think that I am bashing the network marketing industry, I want to tell you I am most certainly not. I think that the network marketing industry is great, there are however some issues with it. I will cover what I like and dislike about the network marketing industry.

As I said before, I think that the network marketing industry is fantastic. It gives people an opportunity to escape their corporate jobs or whatever job they dislike and delve into the realm of entrepreneurship. Lots of people are beginning to understand how much their quality of suffers when working long hard hours. Many people working in the corporate environment say they are not happy. It is pretty easy to tell why. Overall I think it gives people freedom to do whatever they want with their life.

I get approached by people in the biz all the time, I used to approach as well, and we all sound the same. It's because we are all told to say the same thing. Promises of money, vacations, not having to work etc. Whenever someone approaches me now and tells me that the top earners are making 6 figures, I know they are not lying. The one thing they do not tell you is how they got there. That is because they do not know themselves. This comes to my main problem with network marketing. The focus is always on signing people up not education and cultivation.
The top earners tell you to sign up two people in the first 24 hours for immediate gratification. Although, immediate gratification hardly ever guarantees long term success.

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