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Thursday, December 24, 2009


Becoming an action orientated person is imperative if you wish to gain any level of success. Achieving this feat may be difficult for some people if they have built up a habit of procrastination. Everyone talks about things they want to do but it is always followed up by Oh! I will do it later, I have time. That is a prime example of procrastination. What we don't realize is every time we do this, a habit is formed. If putting things off is done enough, eventually you will put everything off. Habits can be such a pain to break. We should concentrate on completing tasks whenever they need to be done.

A good way to become an action oriented person is to move faster, do everything faster. We all know busy people get most of the work, which means most of the money. Who are the people that get the most done. The people that appear to be the most busy. Busy people, action oriented people create work for themselves because they fear laziness. They know how being lazy can effect other parts of their lives.

Become a person of action by thinking about action all the time. Then, when it is time to act, do it right away. Do not allow your brain to make up excuses because trust me it will. Move faster, be faster. Create work for yourself at your job and your house. Your days will pass faster, you will get more and more done and you will have boundless stores of energy! Pretty soon you will be accomplishing any goal you want!

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