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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Successful thinking vs. unsuccessful thinking

I thought it would be interesting to analyze the way two different people think in certain situations. I have always thought that success is more about psychology than anything else. If you think about it my assumption is absolutely correct. More and more we learn about our brain and the untapped power it has. Thoughts are energy and they control your whole body. If you are constantly thinking about things that are negative it will affect how you feel physically, you posture, your tone voice etc. Being successful first starts in your head. The successful person lives in a world of passion, motivation and success. The unsuccessful lives in a world of doubt and despair.

The successful person. I am going to go on an appointment. I am really excited and I am visualizing myself closing the sale. All of my reading and education will come into play when I talk to this client. I leave with enough time to get to the appointment early and I know exactly where I am going. As I am leaving my apartment someone cuts me off. I feel negative emotions coming on strong but I totally disregard them. I think what it will be like when I close the sale and how exciting it will be. Once again I am visualizing myself closing the sale. On the way traffic is horrible but I am not in the least worried because I left with enough time. I need to make a quick stop by the office to pick a demo of my product. As I walk in my boss says something less than inspiring. Once again I feel negative emotions coming on strong but again I am able to disregard them and put them out of mind. I think about closing the sale and visualizing how good I am going to be during the appointment. I leave my office feeling totally positive and unaffected by the negative events I have experienced thus far. I get to the appointment and I feel great. I do a quick mental rehearsal of have I would like the appointment to go. I meet with my client and I do an amazing job. Guess what? I close the sale and everything goes like I planned. I cannot control when bad things happen to me but I can control how I feel about them and choose not to let them affect me. This is how I am able to be one of the best salesman in my company.

The unsuccessful person. I have an appointment today and I am really not excited about going. I had bad night last night. I just really want to sleep in but I am going to go anyways. I leave a little bit later than I should have. I will probably be late especially since I have to stop by my office and pick up a demo. That means I have to see my boss, he is such a jerk. He will probably say something rude to me. As I am leaving someone cuts me off and I get furious. I show up to the office and my boss of course says something rude and I blow up at him because I am already mad. Luckily, I did not lose my job. I show up to the appointment late and my client does not want anything to do with me. As I am leaving I think to myself why does all this bad stuff happen to me.

Success is psychology. What we think about happens.

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